Example Setups and Costs

- This info is "in general" - costs can vary based on cameras used, data usage per month, and unforeseen cost increases
- All Setups/Costs include an optional  home web-site for your viewers to view live events and on-demand events
- Typical use is for an equpment box and camera(s) that can be setup and taken down, and either stored or transported to each event.  Please contact us for more permanent camera options.  (info@gameday-tech.com / 908-377-4702)

Use your own mobile phone for video:
-Monthly Charge: $30 to $60

Single Camera: Stationary on Small Field or for Manually Operated use
-Equipment $300
-Monthly Charge: $70

Two Cameras on bigger field/court or for Scoreboard inlay:
-Equipment $600 - $800
-Monthly Charge: $70

Mobile Battery Pack if no outlet:

Call us to discuss equipment leasing options also:  info@gameday-tech.com / 908-377-4702